About Me

My name is Qin Wang. I am a 3rd year PhD student at ETH Zurich.


Weakly supervised Learning, Domain Adaptation.


FPGA, High performance computing.



Github Repos

  • Webvision Benchmark Models
    Benchmarking image classification models for Webvision Dataset: training from 16 million noisy images from the web. 
  • ADA-Net
    Tensorflow implementation of our augmented distribution alignment method for semi-supervised learning.
  • E2GAN
    Discover competitive GAN architectures within 7 GPU hours using off-policy RL.


22, Deep Learning for Autonomous Driving, ETH Zurich, Teaching Assistant
19/20/21, Machine Learning for Predictive Maintenance, ETH Zurich, Teaching Assistant
16 Fall, Machine Learning, ETH Zurich, Teaching Assistant

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How close can we get to the truth  _ (:3」∠) _

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